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Phone: (+46) 76-426 97 21

I am looking for an internship between September 2024 and April 2025.

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My name is Youcef. I am a level design student at The Game Assembly. Coming from a family with an extensive background and experience in business and entrepreneurship, I bring a practical, structured and analytical approach to all of my designs. My teammates and friends appreciate me for being easy to talk to, taking initiative, and being a driving force behind every project I'm a part of.


In my first year of high school in economics, I realized I was not where I wanted to be. During the summer break I was enamored with game development as a creative field after realizing how feasible making games actually turned out to be.

With an education in economics to finish, and a potential career in business, I decided to take a leap in the complete opposite direction by taking my first step into game development.

I embarked on my plan to learn coding, drawing, writing, composing, with the future goal of releasing it as a kickstarter project. All in favor of making my dream game! (guess how that turned out...)

Though the process was humbling, it was also incredibly fun!

In class I found it hard to not think of the game I was making. Maybe this is where I wanted to be?

High school was nearing its end, yet the game wasn't nearing completion.

As a result, I knew I had to switch gear. I got wind of The Game Assembly and immediately knew what the next step would be.

After two years at TGA, I am now applying for an internship between September 2024 and April 2025 as my next step into my game development journey.

Thank you for reading my portfolio, I look forward to hearing from you! 

/Youcef Lounes

I am part of The Game Assembly’s internship program. As per the agreement between the Game Industry and The Game Assembly, neither student nor company may be in contact with one another regarding internships before April 23rd. 


Any internship offers can be made on May 6th, at the earliest.

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